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Taditions of Navrooz

Traditions of Navrooz

There are many tradition and custom to celebrate Navruz for long millenniums. In different country they differ from each other.

Preparing the house
On the eve of Navruz it is necessary to set in order, do cleaning in house, in courtyard, decorate all green branches flowering tree. All the home trouble it is necessary to finish before begin holiday.

Before coming the holiday it is necessary be reconciled all one, in quarrel. Beg pardon from those who has offended. In this holiday it is necessary to come in with the condition of the peace and rest.

On the eve holiday it is necessary to clean yourself and for next day prepare yourself and wear clean dress.

Planting tree
In this day it is necessary to plant several seedlings, and show care about already growing trees

Malikai Bahor-
On this holiday it is necessary to choose the hostess of the holiday- a most beautiful girl, she becomes the symbol of the springtime - Bahor-lady. In contest the girls must demonstrate not only beauty, but also wit, cleverness. To be merry and hard working.

Dehkan- man
On the other contest is chosen a Dehkan-man - a grandparent-Tiller. They can be an aksakal and young person. But he must be hard working, and respectable successful person.

Bahor-lady and Dehkan-man, dressed in colorful national cloths, and on the 21st of March they open the holiday. On the decorated car vehicle or on foot all three musicians in accompaniment with music ride along the streets and invite the inhabitants on main area. But when folk will gather, Bahor-lady will congratulate all with Navruz.

In this day in each family lay dastarhan - a tablecloth with all the manner of national dish, sweetness, traditional drink. Dishes must be traditional: sumanak, sambusa,pilaf and others. Pilaf, sumanak are cooked in large pots in every neighborhoods.

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