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Chat about Navrooz celebration in Iran and Tajikistan.

Here you can see a chat with Mr Abdul Latif Ebadi an Iranian who is a British student living in the UK (England) now. He is our new friend now.We are happy to make a new friend from Iran now. During this chat we learned about how Navrooz is celebrated in Iran. Here is a transcript of our chat. The name of the Chat Navroouz celebration in Iran and Tajikistan.

latifiran: hello
Zebo So we will begin
Olim: hello my name Olim.
latifiran: hello Olim! how are you?
Olim : i am 16 years old,i study in 9 grade
Olim : thanks fine.
latifiran: thats great!
Olim and Madina: we are happy have chat with you
latifiran: and are you from Sarband?
latifiran: me too dear
Olim and Madina: our teacher told about you
Olim and Madina: of course i am from Sarband
Olim and Madina: Hi i am Madina
latifiran: you do have a nice teacher
latifiran: I wish I had a teacher like she when I was in your age
latifiran: Hello dear Madina!
Olim and Madina: Mr Latif I have question to you how you spend Navruz in UK?
latifiran: how many students are you there right now?
latifiran: ok
Olim and Madina: Here we wen to the parks and theer was concert exhisibition
Olim and Madina: 4 students and one teache
latifiran: yes. here we do have a big persian comunity and we celebrated norouz
latifiran: good for you!
Olim and Madina: How many days you celebrate Navrooz
Olim and Madina: Do you taske or eat sumanak
Olim and Madina: taste
latifiran: when I was student in Iran , we were 40 and we had only one English language teacher!
latifiran: I like it! we Iranian call it : Samanoo!
Olim and Madina: Can you tell any Navrooz tradition in Iran
latifiran: my sister can makes Samanoo
Olim and Madina: here in calss we 4 noe it is spring break. Usually at class 35students
latifiran: yes
Olim and Madina: and in our country not all can do sumanak
Olim and Madina: Eating sumanak it is Savob
latifiran: I think we Iranian have a renge of similar tradition to you Tajiks
Olim and Madina: Do you choose Queen of Spring?
latifiran: yes! what a nice Savob! I wish all Savob would be like eating Samanoo and sweet!
latifiran: in Iran? not! at the moment the Iranian goverment is Islamic so we can not do some thing like choosing a Queen!
Olim and Madina: Did you prepare any traditional dishes in this Navruz?
Olim and Madina: at school we choose a girl and make her queen of Spring she will wear gren dress and will greet all
Olim and Madina: and we have another queen who wers white dress
Olim and Madina: and means white means happiness
latifiran: ye! Nourooz for we Iranian is much more important than for you Tajiks because we do have a 4 weks holiday!
Olim and Madina: and new life
latifiran: we preaper the Nourooz celebration 2 months earlier and in advance!
Olim and Madina: You know this year we have 4 days holidays last year 3 days
latifiran: We have Hajee Firooz
Olim and Madina: I hope next year it will be more
Olim and Madina: What is Hajee Firooz
latifiran: a faunny man who dress in red and singing and dancing for children
Olim and Madina: We have Dekhkon Bobo
latifiran: a funny man. he dress in red color and makes his face black! he sings and dance for children to make them happy.
Olim and Madina: who is symbolize wor k
Olim and Madina: that that farmers should do in spring
latifiran: yes. maybe some thing like Dekhokon bobo!
Olim and Madina: Mr Latif why we choose 7 dishs Haft seen and 7 sheen why namely number seven not 8?
Olim and Madina: And in Navrooz people must wear a new Dress
latifiran: I think you tajiks after 80 years being a part of soviet union , litlle by little re-build your histoy and your own culture. maybe in future you will have more traditon in nourooz.
latifiran: 7 sin comes from Zartosht
latifiran: a messenger of God
latifiran: in fact it was 7 shin but muslims changed it to 7 senn
latifiran: 7 seen
latifiran: the number of 7 is holy number for Zartoshti people
Olim and Madina: When you celebrate Navrooz in your native country do you have any activities I mean Here we have Sport like Gushtingiri, Buzkashi
Olim and Madina: And every year in Navrooz we have motocycle race.
latifiran: yes! many of festivals, sport champions
latifiran: and wedding! many of younge girls and boys do choose to wait for Nourooz to get marige!
Olim and Madina: And in Navrooz in town all organization and school and etc should make dastarhan of haft seen an d haft sheen. And other peopel wil come and watch it and the chairman of our town too.
Olim and Madina: You know in our country is the same too. On this day you can see many wedding which weer organized by rich men
Olim and Madina: It is Savob too
latifiran: In Iran nourooz is a very national celebation. I mean the people do their own plans and goverment or officials persons almost do not take part in those celebrations.
Olim and Madina: Yes now we see difference
Olim and Madina: do you know any poems about Navrooz
latifiran: you young Tajiks will have a bright and shine future. Tajikistan is the land of our father and all of Iranian customs and tradtion have came from your country to Iran.
latifiran: yes! a lot of poems in persian are about Nourooz but unfortunately I am unable to write because you can not read Persian alphabet!
Olim and Madina: for example when Navrooz come we recite this poem. Navrooz shudu Lolai Hushrang Baromad,Bulbul Ba tamoshoi Dafu Chang Baromad.Murgoni Havo jumla bikardand Parvoz. Murghi dili man az qafasi tang baromad.
Olim and Madina: you can write in such way too
Olim and Madina: can you write this in english letters please
Olim and Madina: :)
latifiran: saghiya omadane eid moborak bodat- an mavoeed ke dodi naravad az yodat
Olim and Madina: We undestand it now.
latifiran: good!
Olim and Madina: What tajik tradition d you know?
Olim and Madina: We like Iranian songs. We listen to Moein, Andy, Mailo. Afshin, Mansoor.
Olim and Madina: Lailo
Olim and Madina: Googush Sattor
latifiran: actually , I always read and listen to Tajiki perogram od BBc radio
latifiran: on the BBC radio, so I know much about Tajiks traditions
Olim and Madina: Our teacher said that you know Manija nd Surayo. Our tajik singers.
latifiran: yes! I like them. I know manija and Shabnam Sorayya very well
latifiran: Moen, Layla and Mansoor are in Manchester now! last week I went to their concerts.
latifiran: hello?
Olim and Madina: Hi
latifiran: ok my freinds
latifiran: this is 4.30 morning here
latifiran: and I should say a good bye to you all
Olim and Madina: D you know such singer as Sadreddin?
latifiran: yes. I have heared his interview with the BBC radio
Olim and Madina: Do you heard any Navruz songs?
latifiran: his songs are nice. I think he was in Dubai last year and has many Iranian friends
latifiran: yes.such as :
latifiran: Deegaron dar khob mo dafcha zaneem!
Olim and Madina: It is national
Olim and Madina: when you heard and where?
latifiran: yes. I know. Tajiks and Afghanis sing this song
latifiran: on the BBC radio, Tajiki program. Just last week
latifiran: ok.my friends. its 4.30 am and I am very sleepy
Olim and Madina: Thank you very much Mr Latif we enjoyed thsii chat very much
Olim and Madina: Tahsakkur baroi chat
Olim and Madina: i hope we will have such chats again
latifiran: if let me, I should go to bed now!
latifiran: me too. it was very interesting to me to have chat with my Tjiks sisters
Olim and Madina: Yes we let you go to sleep have a good sleep
latifiran: Me hope as well. so se you on chat again enshoalloh
latifiran: and good bye

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Very interesting! It's so amazing that we have directly chat with people and get to know about each other traditions.