пятница, 21 марта 2008 г.


Navruz it is a holiday of Muslims. If translate this word into English its mean New Year. But Muslims New Year celebrates in spring as beginning of life of everything for example life of nature, of animals and even of people. Navruz celebrate on 21st of March. And celebration Navruz has tradition rules and Muslims must keep them. For example the symbol of this holiday it is green sprouts of grain on tray and on hands of beautiful girls, those must wear white or green dresses, which mean new life. In “dastarhan” must be 7 things which begin from Persian on Shin and Sin. They are: Sambusa, Sipand, Sumanak, Sabzi, Sirpiyoz, Sirko and Satri; Sham, Shirkadu, Shirbirinj, Shakarob, Shila, Shir and Shakar. On this Day people wear new clothes and say each to other Happy Navruz Day. This holiday celebrate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persia, and Palatine, Iraq, Baghdad, Uzbekistan, Turkistan, Kyrgyz and in those countries where live Muslims. But in every country it celebrates different.
Olim Mengyarov

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