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An open lesson plan devoted to Navrooz Holiday.

Дарси кушод дар мавзуи Иди Бахор ва Навруз

Мавзуъ : Иди Навруз
Максади дарс: Баланд бардоштани. чашнвораи Иди Навруз ба хонандагон. Тарбия намудан ба хонандагон хисси вандан дусти ва кадр кардани арзишхои Милли. Ва хавасманд кунии хонадагон ба омузиши абони англиси. Чамъбаст намудани материалхои лексики дар мавзуи Навруз. Такрор намудани замонхои хозира, гузашта ва оянда .
Тачхизоти дарс: карточкахо, маводхои таксимоти.
Муаллимаи мактаби миёнаи №1 ш Сарбанд Муродова Зебонисо

Равиши дарс
Ташкили дарс.
T: Good-morning, boys and girls, my dear friends. I'm so glad to see you today. Welcome to our lesson. How are you?
P1: I'm OK. Thank you.
T: How are things getting on with you?
P2: Everything is all right with me.
T: How is your mother?
P3: She is fine.
T: Are you ready for the lesson?
P4: Yes we are.
T: What about the weather today? Spring is a nice season, isn't it?
P5:Of course, it's fine in spring, but the weather is not very good today. It really looks like in winter.
T: I agree with you.

2 Машки фонетики Poem about Navrooz

When Navroz will come to us
Flowers and fields will blossom
When Navroz will come to us
Earth will breathe with spring
When Navroz will come to us
You can hear the sound of joy and laugh
When Navrooz will come to us
We will celebrate and congratulate all

3. Сухбати мукадимавии муаллим дар бораи мавзуъи Навруз.
Teacher: Well, today we are having an unusual lesson. We are going to learn and speak about Navrooz Holiday. And learn about it traditions and customs and learn how it is celebrated in other countries too.Let’s read this text by chain and translate.

Navrooz. Norooz (Nowruz, Nevruz, Newruz, Navruz) in Persian means "New [-year]-day. Today, Navrus is celebrated widely and colorfully in Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and the western provinces of China, as well as by Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq and by Tatars and Bashkirs in southern Russia. In the last ten years, the Central Asian republics have recognized Navruz as an official holiday. Its celebration is marked by concerts in parks and squares, trade fairs and national horseracing competitions.
It begins precisely with the beginning of spring on vernal equinox, on or about March 21.

T: Now our correspondent in Afghanistan will tells us how Navruz is celebrated there.

Pupil 1 Navrouz in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, Nowroz festival is traditionally celebrated for 2 weeks. Preparations for Nowroz start several days ago, at least after Chaharshanbe Suri, the last Wednesday before the New Year. Among various traditions and customs, the most important important ones are:
Haft Mewa: In Afghanistan, they prepare Haft Mewa (Seven Fruits) instead of Haft Sin which is common in Iran. Haft Mewa is like a Fruit salad made from 7 different Dried fruits, served in their own syrup. The 7 dried fruits are: Raisin, Senjed (the dried fruit of the oleaster tree), Pistachio, Hazelnut, Prune (dry fruit of Apricot), Walnut and whether Almond or another species of Plum fruit.
Buzkashi: Along with other customs and celebrations, normally a Buzkashi tournament is held. The Buzkashi matches take place in northern cities of Afghanistan and in Kabul.
Special cuisines: People cook special types of dishes for Nowroz, especially on the eve of Nowroz. Normally they cook Sabzi Chalaw, a dish made from rice and spinach, separately.

Pupil 2 correspondent in Iran
In Iran and small communities of Kurdistan, Iran and Northern India, where Zoroastrism has retained a strong influence amongst the populace, traditions require that the Navruz celebratory table contain specific elements. First, there must be a mirror, which reflects the past and shows the future so that people can make reasonable plans. Next, there must be candles. The flames hark back to the sacred nature of fire in the Zoroastrian religion, and personify the light and energy of a righteous life. The table must also contain an incense-burner for aromas and a water-filled vessel in which a live fish is placed to symbolize a happy life full of activity and movement. Most tables also include coins, fruit and a copy of a sacred book, such as the Koran. Various types of food and plants must be on the table, including seven dishes that begin with the Farsi letter "S" and seven dishes that begin with the letter "sh." These include vinegar, sumac berries, garlic, sprouted wheat, apples, berries of sea-buckthorn and fresh herbs as well as wine, sugar, syrup, honey, sweets, milk and rice.

Pupil 3 In Kazahstan and Kyrgiz

On March 21, Kazakh and Kyrgyz households fumigate their homes with smoke from the buring of archa twigs (a coniferous tree of Central Asian that grows mainly in mountainous areas). This smoke is said to make malicious spirits flee. The main holiday dishes for Turkic Central Asians are pilaf, shurpa, boiled mutton and kok-samsa pies filled with spring greens and the young sprouts of steppe grasses. According to tradition, people try to make the celebratory table (dastarkhan) as rich as possible with various dishes and sweets. Everyone at the table should be full and happy to ensure that the coming year will be safe and the crop will be plentiful. The holiday is accompanied by competitions of national singers and storytellers, single combats of horsemen and fights of strong men.

4 T: Now student will tell about traditions of Navrooz in our country

Pupil 1
Sumalak . It is the symbol of Navruz. How to do it? Wheat is soaked to grow on china plates and round earthenware vessels some ten days in advance, so that the sprouts are three to four inches in height by Norooz. Sumallak is the symbol of rebirth.

Pupil 2
Another tradition we find out is to make Tajik noodle. You have to spread the dough bigger in order the noodles become longer how long you will make the noodle such will be your life that is your life will be longer. And then make soup from it.

Pupil 3
In association with the "rebirth of nature", extensive spring-cleaning is a national tradition. This is also extended to personal attire, and it is customary to buy at least one set of new clothes. In Navruz all women and men try to wear something new. You can see women wearing beautiful and coloring dresses which symbolize spring

Pupil 4

On this day you can see a bride (which mean the New life) and a man wearing the clothes of Dehkon (farmer) which means “the spring come it is our time.” Spring come after winter. So At Navruz Holiday you can see a girl symbolize spring. She must be beautiful as spring and should wear spring color dress//…

Pupil 5
In Navruz people, families and others recite poems about Navruz and spring, dance. In such way the greet spring and Navruz. In all the blocks of our town you can see people celebrate Navruz with concerts .They lay the table and make Osh and sing song. It last till the end of March.

5 T: Now a quiz
1 In what month we celebrate Navrooz?
2 In what season it starts?
3 The religion of this holiday?
4 What musical Instrument letting us know about spring?
5 The national dish of this holiday?
6 What people do in this holiday?
7 What kind of dishes you know starting with Persian letter “S”
9 What is made of sumanak?
10 In what countries Navrooz is celebrated?

6 Чамъбасти дарс.
Эълони бахо:

T: Our lesson was devoted to Havrooz Holiday comes to end. I wish you all the best. And let this new year will bring you much lucky days .

And your homework will be to make presentation about Navroz holiday how you and your Family celebrate it. .

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